The e-learning serves to consolidate the newly acquired specialist knowledge in face-to-face classes through various individual online exercises.
The course consists of several online learning modules that can be accessed and worked on independently. The content is based on the topics relevant to the exam.

This course comprehensively prepares foreign applicants for the exam that is obligatory for the practice of the profession as well as for everyday working life.

Course content
After the introduction to the general examination conditions and how to deal with the examination questions, comprehensive specialist knowledge is imparted in face-to-face classes. In addition, procedures and processes of everyday working life in Germany are explained.

After completing the course, the examination can be taken by the responsible examination board.

Action Certificate
After completing the course, the participants receive a certificate of action.

Financial support
The course is certified and can be funded with an education voucher from the employment agency and job centers as well as various grants if you are resident in Germany.

If this funding is rejected, subordinate funding may be possible through the responsible IQ network.